"Hookin' Bull"


 The "Hookin' Bull" is another one of our light tackle boats. It is fishing out of New Zealand where the owner and his wife have been doing quite well breaking a multitude of world records. Their web site is marlinfishing.co.nz.

  It has QSM11 Cummins Diesels (660 hp) and a 15kw northern Lights Generator for power. It carries 1000 gal. of fuel and 300 gal. of water. 

Cruising specs with full water tanks, 600 gal. of fuel and eight people on board are:

Rpm                  Knots                 GPH        

1600                    22                     33

1700                    23.7                  36.5

1800                    26                     40

2000                    29.5                  53

2240max              32.5                  67                                                                                                                                                                              

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